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Name:Criminal Minds Slash Fiction
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Reid: Are you hacking into the government HMO database? Is that legal?
Garcia: Of course not. We'll go to prison and you'll become someone's bitch.
Reid: Really?

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» What is this community for?
This community is for slash fiction for the show Criminal Minds-- f/f and m/m are both welcome; het and gen stories are not. There are other comms to post gen and het fiction in; please use one of those. ETA: This comm does NOT allow the posting of RPS (Real Person Slash) as the fic is for the characters on the show, not the actors. There are, as of February 2010, at least two CM RPF comms to post RPS at. As per the rules below for OT posts, first posting of RPS will get a warning, second post gets you put on moderated status and a third post will get you banned.

» Why slash?
Why not?

» What are the rules?
Rule #1 is no advertising! This includes pimping your community, rpg or off-site BBS; it also means no zine or con announcements.

Rule #2 is really simple -- do not post anything to the comm that isn't a work of fiction. No discussion, no spoilers, no requests for beta readers. If you have to say "I'm not sure this is allowed" then it probably isn't; if you post it anyway, the mods will delete it, with a warning. If you post something of this nature a second time, it will be deleted and you'll be put on moderated status. Three times will get you banned from the comm.

Rule #3 is that all stories must to be posted under a cut (for information on how to do a cut tag, refer to the FAQ.) Please put the title of your work into the subject line; it's easier to add it to the memories. Please tag your story with the appropriate pairing. If a tag doesn't exist for your pairing at the time you post, I will create a tag for it.

Rule #4 is probably a no-brainer, but please, BE POLITE. What floats my boat might sink yours, but that is no reason to be rude! Constructive criticism is all well and good, but flames are not Of The Good, and will not be tolerated.

Rule #5 -- HAVE FUN!

» Posting template
You don't have to use this, but it makes life easier. ;-)

Pairing/Rating: MPAA ratings are fine; G to NC-17, with unrated accepted for drabbles

» OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: We don't own Criminal Minds, or any of its associated characters, plots, scripts or episodes. We're not making any money off the fiction posted to this community; we write for the love of the show and its characters, so please don't sue us!

» Your moderators arenebula99 and slash_girl (; if you have any questions not covered by the rules, want to make a suggestion, or if you need to speak to a mod for any reason, please private message or email one of us. We're here to help!

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